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One space, one dream, two people… We’re here to give and take. Whether you have a wish-upon-a-star or you want to grant someone a wish, you’re in the right place.

I was daydreaming once.. If only someone could give me the DSLR camera of my dreams that I cannot afford., I could pursue my hobby. There must be someone somewhere, that has the means, but instead of donating to a charity or other middleman, doubting 100% of the gift will end up used for the cause, they would rather gift a named individual directly.. And this is how Wishbook was born in my head. A space for individual with resources to connect with individual with dreams beyond their means. A conscious connection of the generous Humanity and humble Gratitude residing within each of us.

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Using the space is completely free for all users. It’s powered by my spare time and sponsoring the annual hosting fee, and with time carefully selected ads, because dreaming shouldn’t cost You anything. Registering requires minimum details, there is no marketing spam involved. You will need to accept simple T&C that outline the scope of admin and your responsibilities. There is simple set of Dos and Don’ts to adhere to in order to respect each other (read here). You’ll also find Hints & Tips on how to use the portal safely, as Users take full responsibility for how they connect with each other (read here). If you have any suggestions, feel free to email (contact).

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